Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory

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Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory
Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory
Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory


A must have mask for anyone who wants to take care of their skin while taking care of their health. 

These ultra-luxurious, pure silk face masks are handmade from the best quality Mulberry silk and they are the ultimate little luxury to keep your skin a little happier while you protect yourself and others' health. 

These masks are made from 19mm grade 6A Mulberry Silk and have natural germ-fighting properties. They have filter pockets (1 PM2.5 filter included) and an adjustable nose wire. 

They are designed to be gentle and smooth on your skin to prevent friction and breakouts. They are perfect for sensitive or acne-prone skin and with their natural anti-aging properties they are fantastic for mature skin. 


- creates less friction that traditional materials so no static build up

- very soft and supple material

- very lightweight so no headaches

- very breathable and smooth

- they are temperature regulating so they won't trap body heat

- absorbs less oil and moisture than other fabrics which avoids bacteria growth (acne)

- silk is odourless and hypoallergenic

- silk is a hydrophobic fabric so it is resistent to the entry of water

- silk will not increase humidity around the face so it's perfect for longtime wear


Hand wash in cold water with delicate-friendly liquid detergent. Air Dry. 


The Silk Girls is a fabulous duo of girl bosses from Toronto who met while studying at our local McMaster University. They teamed up with their passions for self care and sleep to create this beautiful line of silk accessories. 

Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory
Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory
Mulberry Silk Face Mask - Ivory

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