Get Clean Reusable Bamboo Cosmetic Rounds

Three Ships


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A set of 10 reusable bamboo rounds, stored in a mesh cotton bag. Each bamboo round includes a positive affirmation and a pocket to insert fingers for easy handling and use. These bamboo rounds were made in partnership with skin influencer Matt from @dirtyboysgetclean. 

Hand wash and air dry for re-use.

Comes in a breatheable pouch to wash them in the laundry machine.

How to Use: 

Apply skincare product to cosmetic round and wipe over face. Can be used for cleansers, toners or to remove makeup! Once used, simply place the dirty round in the laundry bag provided and wash on a delicate cycle on cold. Air dry flat.


Three Ships set sail in 2017 with a chemical engineer named Laura and a business grad named Connie. Both entrepreneurs at heart, we were frustrated with how high-quality natural skincare cost so much.

And then we did something about it. Scraping together $4,000 we started out by making our own handmade formulations in Connie’s apartment kitchen.

Our goal was to solve the problems we faced as consumers and create the most effective and affordable natural skincare products available. 

This is why every Three Ships product is made with 100% natural ingredients and is certified cruelty-free. It’s why nothing goes to market unless it has been scientifically proven to work. And it’s why all of our products will forever be under $40.


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